Fast and Easy Compliance with Our EVA ELD Solutions Pack

Stay Compliant! All-in-one ELD, IFTA, Maintenance, and GPS in one Click!




Streamline all your trucking operations using the EVA ELD solutions suite. ELD Compliance, IFTA Reporting, Real-time GPS Monitoring, and an integrated Maintenance and Dispatch System are all accessible at the touch of a button.


Enhanced Fleet Management

Stay in full control of your fleet whether you're at the desk or on the move with our comprehensive mobile and web solutions. We've got you covered—anytime, anywhere!


Comprehensive Web Application

Experience complete fleet management, detailed reporting, and advanced features directly through our all-in-one web app—no time-consuming installations required.


FMCSA Certified

EVA ELD is a registered ELD solution that fully meets the latest FMCSA standards. The user-friendly app enables drivers to effortlessly record their daily logs. With EVA ELD, safety managers gain valuable insights into drivers' logs and can recommend necessary log edits.

Complete ELD Solution for Your Business

EVA ELD empowers you to maintain compliance effortlessly. Record driver logs, avoid HOS violations, and gear up for audits with our certified ELD solution. This holistic approach puts you one step ahead in preventing violations!

Enhance Your CSA Score

A strong CSA score is crucial for a carrier's operational capabilities. To steer clear of fines, out-of-service orders, and other penalties, a dependable ELD device is essential. With EVA ELD, you can promptly address Form and Manner errors and HOS violations, ensuring you're always prepared for inspections.

Elevate your business by reducing costs, streamlining operations, and propelling forward progress. Discover our all-in-one platform.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Our Vehicle Diagnostics feature enables fleets to monitor active fault codes on any vehicle, anytime.

Unidentified Driving in Progress

With this feature, users can identify Unidentified Driving in real-time.


With our alerting system, monitoring fleet performance and boosting operational efficiency has never been easier.

Smart Dashboard

All the essential information for fleet and safety management is displayed in a single window.

Multi-company Account

With EVA ELD, you can finally track all your drivers from all your companies at any time.

ELD Unplugged Events

Receive instant notifications when the ELD device is unplugged. Improve the safety of your fleet and prevent problems.

Dispatch Board

This information allows you to easily optimize your routes, track vehicles and cargo, and ensure that deliveries are always on time.

Live Sharing

This real-time load tracking enhances communication for both brokers and fleet managers.


EVA ELD Reports feature provides comprehensive analysis and data. Your operational efficiency will significantly increase.

Vehicle Inspection

With EVA ELD , you can electronically complete the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) required by the FMCSA.

Maintenance Schedule

Our intelligent scheduling feature enhances the effectiveness and productivity of the maintenance process.

Assets Management

Simplifies tracking fuel usage and reducing maintenance expenses. You can increase vehicle usage and improve their fleet's financial status.

Logs Manager

With our user-friendly Logs Manager, you can review driver logs and obtain details about each driving event for the vehicle.


Geofence alerts are set by location and time, notifying you when a vehicle enters or exits a location or stays in a marked area longer than expected.

Drivers Risk Score

EVA ELD Drivers Risk Score feature provides a clear and understandable view of driver behavior using performance indicators.

Fuel Feature

Provides an overview of advanced fuel calculations. All crucial statistical parameters for fuel management are available to users in a single tab.

Switch to EVA ELD and simplify FMCSA compliance with instant real-time routing updates and effortless digital DVIR management.

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All-in-one platform

Lower costs, simplify operations, and move your business forward

Make ELD compliance a breeze with instant results.

ELD Compliance

Reduce HOS violations, streamline DOT inspections, and enhance CSA scores with our compliance management system.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Track and monitor your fleet effortlessly with our advanced fleet management system. Gain real-time insights into vehicle locations, driver behavior, and fuel consumption.

IFTA Reports

Stop wasting time on tedious manual calculations. Use EVA ELD IFTA reports for effortless and accurate fuel tax reporting.

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